Verborgen Water / Mystical waters

“Mystical waters” aims to offer a look inside the two opposite realities of the fishing world: the small fisherman’s life that is rooted in the local economy, and the large industrial economy. On the one hand, you have the fishermen, the men who labour all day for an unstable income with no sense of certainty, but for the support of their wives ashore. On the other hand, you have the dehumanised corporate activity of the fish market, governed by managers and red tape. Intertwined without a doubt, yet they couldn’t be further apart. What connects them? The mystical, concealing waters of the sea.

“Mystical waters” speaks both to my fascination with and horror of mass consumption. I illustrate both of these aspects through their own identity and inherent beauty: first, the fish market as a well organised, but rather distant world. Next, the fishermen with their strength, passion and real connectedness to the sea.

To create “Mystical waters”, I needed to find my way in a man’s world where women aren’t part of daily life. To truly get inside of this closed-off world and be able to discover the hidden sights that no ordinary visitor can behold, I had to use all of my social skills and people knowledge. “Mystical waters” could only come to life by getting involved. By truly experiencing the sea and all that it hides on a deeper level. That’s why the first months were all about making contact and carefully gaining the local fishermen’s and their wives' trust. The next step was to completely immerse myself in the fisherman’s existence and in the uniqueness of working in the fish market.